10 Reasons to Smile

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Did you know that smiling can have an impact on your wellbeing? It’s true! Across the globe, smiling is known to represent happiness, and can truly make you feel good. Studies have even shown that ingenuine smiles can positively influence your health. Not to mention, smiles are contagious, and can positively impact the mood of individuals around you.

Fortunately, there are many health benefits to smiling:

Smiling Increases your Life Span

Smiling is one of the easiest ways to help you live longer, and it’s completely free! Studies have shown that smiling and maintaining a positive mood has been associated with longer life.

Smiling is Calming

It is easy to tell when someone is stressed, as it commonly appears through one’s facial expressions. Smiling can help relieve stress and prevent us from appearing stressed-out. By smiling and laughing, ‘happy’ hormones such as endorphins are released, while stress hormones like cortisol are reduced. When feeling stressed, do your best to smile to help reap the calming benefits.

Natural Immune System Booster

The body’s immune system is constantly working to fight off diseases and keep us healthy. The hormones released from the body when smiling help improve the immune system and help it function more effectively.

Boost your Self-Confidence

Smiling can help boost self-esteem and give you the confidence to face what comes your way throughout the day!

Smiling Improves your Mood

Your smile will not only brighten the room, it will also uplift your mood. With every smile the body releases endorphins and serotonins that help you feel positive and less pain.

Smiling has Heart Benefits

The release of endorphins when smiling also triggers an increase in blood flow, heart rate, and oxygen, which as a result may lower blood pressure.

Smiling is Attractive

A smile can capture the attention of a whole room and is perceived by others as more attractive. The muscles used to smile tend to lift the face, making you appear more youthful, too. Whereas frowning tends to be perceived by others as unattractive.

Smiling = Success

Individuals who smile frequently appear more confident, approachable, and even more successful according to many studies.

Smiling Triggers Positivity for you and others

Smiling, whether genuine or not, sends signals to your brain that triggers positivity and lowers stress. It also is contagious, and makes others around you feel more positive.

Smiling is a Form of Exercise

Smiling requires the use and exercise of several facial muscles, including muscles of your eyes, lips, nose, and more. This can be a natural face lift that’s free of charge! Smiling is the perfect beginning, middle, and end to each day. Not only will you look great, but you will also feel great when you smile. Dental professionals play a significant role in helping you achieve and maintain the smile of your dreams. Be sure you are practicing good oral hygiene daily and are scheduled for your regular dental check-ups!