Our Boston Office Yelp & Google reviews from satisfied patients

starErica F.01/8/2018

Dr. Lorente removed a root in one of my front teeth a couple of months ago. She was compassionate and supremely skilled. I am so grateful that she was the dentist to perform this challenging procedure.

star Dragana D.12/8/2017

I took my son here to see Dr.Hantson last week(my son is 3) I was very nervous that he is going to run away or cry a lot, but Dr.Hantson was amazing with my son, she is an amazing doctor for kids, i HIGHLY recommend her and all the doctors in the office are great at their jobs.

star Ben G.

Started coming here a year ago when I moved to Boston. Office is pleasant and well run and seemingly well equipped.

I’ve had 2 cleanings, one filling, and an orthodontic consultation here. All hygienists have been gentile and very friendly.

I feel all treatment and payment options have been thoroughly explained to me, earning my confidence.

I’m moving out of town but will continue treatment with Great Hill because it has been pleasant and proved to be an efficient one stop shop for orthodontics and dentistry.

The doctors also have very impressive bios, leading me to believe they may be more informed than your generic dentist office. Specifically, Dr. Bahadoran pointed out some major flaws in my previous orthodontist’s work.

Highly recommend.

star Kurt M.

I hardly ever write reviews, but my experience at Great Hill Dental Partners warrants one. I started coming here a few years ago after a cusp broke off one my molars. My former dentist said I’d need a crown and possible root canal and gum surgery. I saw Dr. Pawlowski and he recommended a much less invasive (and less expensive) porcelain onlay. Several years later I couldn’t be happier with it!

Since then, I’ve had nothing but a tremendous experience at the practice. All the dental hygienists have been extraordinarily pleasant–they even take notes from our small talk during cleanings and ask about it during my appointment 6 months later. Dr. Pawlowski is a genuinely kind person and a terrific dentist. He always advocates for conserving tooth and only performs dental work when absolutely necessary.

I’m moving out of state and am truly bummed that I’ll need to change dental practices. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Pawlowski and Great Hill Dental Partners enough.

star Michael A. 6/1/2017
Dr. Pawlowski and his staff are excellent. Lauris G. is a superb dental hygienist.  I happily recommend this dental office to all my friends.

star John K. 2/11/2017

Nice and friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dentist in the North Shore

star Juanita Q. 8/7/2016

“Dental Office is wonderful and no wait or over booking.

I drove my Uncle there and we walked right in as they called us for a cancellation.

The Dentist was highly professional and did both a filling and a route canal. I was so impressed I have referred other family members here.

Go here it’s worth it.

They take all types of insurance.

Great Dentists do many procedures.

Wonderful that’s all I can say!”

star Renee W. 3/4/2016

“I am writing this review for the great care and professionalism I received at The Great Hill Dental , Brigham Circle in Boston Ma.

I had tooth extractions done and I am amazed at how fast I had healed. Dr. Lorente and her assistant, Kim were a great team. I requested to have both of them, for the next step in my oral care.

The staff were also very professional and greet you with a smile. This has helped me to relieve the fear of going to the Dentist.

I want to also thank, Darlene, she has helped tremendously answering my billing questions, and she was very patient in answering any after care questions I had also.

Thank you all for your professionalism as well as the great care I received.”

star Donna L. 5/8/2015

I had a little cavity behind my front tooth. It was treated by Dr Besdin and so far so good. Dr Besdin seems very experienced considering the number of yrs he practiced. At first, I thought the filling came off so went to the office the next day and saw Dr Besdin the first thing in the morning. He said because filling is the same color as the tooth it’s hard to distinguish the filling and I should be able to feel it with my tongue. Little embarrassed to realize my mistake, but happy the filling stayed. I liked the service I had received, including cleaning done by hygienist. (Hygienist gave me a freebie bag containing tooth brush, paste, floss; really liked the tooth brush!!) Also, I liked the nurse (Gloria?) who was friendly and smiled a lot.

In addition, I had the allograft surgery for gum recession by Dr. Hur. He is a faculty at Tufts and board certified periodontist who seems to perform this kind of surgery on a daily basis. I paid about 5K as co-pay, which is a lot but reasonable compared to other dentist offices (some asked 10K for less number of teeth, even got a quote from a dentist friend in Canada and looked other country). Before the surgery, I had a comprehensive perio exam by him which costed $151 (no co-pay; taken out from ins. deductible). On the surgery day, I thought he would only do 8 teeth, but he actually covered abt 10 teeth (not sure abt exact no. though), which I thought was good bc I have gum recession every where. The surgery was scheduled to take 2hrs15min., but actually took about 3 hrs. The nurse put on music to ease the anxiety during the procedure (my favorite music was on!) and gave me a pillow to put under the neck. We chit chat from time to time. I was so nervous but they kept saying I was doing a good job, which was comforting gesture. When injecting novacain, it hurt a little, but after that I only felt the pressure, not pain. After the surgery, I had some swelling and pain, but pain is well under control w/ prescribed meds. The swelling persists until the next day though. (The nurse told me right after the surgery I looked like I fought w/ Mayweather bc my lower jaw and lower lip were all swollen.) Also, Dr. Hur called to check back on me after surgery, which I thought was very professionally nice. I’m also pleased that they gave me two bottles of free mouth wash w/ antimicrobial, two tooth brushes, one floss, three travel size tooth pastes, a lot of ice packs. I think all in all it was worth to get the surgery done because I don’t have to worry about losing teeth for a while. I was really worried before the surgery but I am glad it went well.

(p.s. I wish he had explained better/more about the surgery, what to expect from it, prognosis on the gum recession and bone loss, etc. I had to ask a lot of questions to get these information from him and had to do quite some research myself.)

star Dave S.9/9/2014

I’ve been with Great Hill since they opened their new office in Brigham Circle and I can’t say enough great things about this practice. I now live on the west coast and I get back to Boston often for work and I haven’t found a better dental provider, so I keep coming back! I’ve had cleanings, fillings, chips fixed, and whitening done here and every experience has been awesome. The location is super accessible. Right off of the T / bus AND they offer free parking if you have a car. That’s a huge bonus in this area.

The folks at this office, from the people at the front desk, to the hygienists, to the dentists (and their friendly assistants), to the administration staff at check out, are overly friendly and accommodating. They actually seem to care.

I have moved a lot and have had more dentists than I’d care to count. I have yet to find better service and care than at Great Hill. This will definitely be my dental provider for a long, long time.

star Michael A. – 8/27/2014

I have been coming here for many years and always get great service. The doctors and dental hygienists always take the time to explain what they’re doing and what is needed for me to keep my teeth looking the best that they can.

Roberta C.5/1/2013

I have a great dentist (Purman) and a great dental hygienist (Nicole) there. The problem is with the administrative part of the office. I have had a continuing stream of bills from them for a basic cleaning procedure for which I am partially insured. Each time I received a bill for the full cost of the procedure, I called the dental office, told them I was insured, asked if they had sought reimbursement from the insurer (Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, not exactly an unknown insurer), and received an “I don’t know” type of answer. After five months of this, I called the insurer myself, only to learn that Great Hill had never contacted them. I made four phone calls that day just to get the dental office talking with the insurer. I shouldn’t have had to do this. The front office staff seem nice but not well managed.

Romulo R.11/21/2012

A good dental office. The staff is very friendly and accommodating and they are in a very modern facility: I like the fact that they can now use digital Xrays which kinda look like a ray-gun from Buck Rogers. The only thing I caution about is using them if they are not in your insurance network: I have Met Life dental and have experienced many problems with the billing.


star Jessica Spruice – 04/21/2018

Deiceline is amazing! She is professional and she is great with my family.

star Kelvyn Koning – 04/19/2018

Great Hill Dental office workers & health care specialists are warm, intelligent & care deeply for the welfare of all their clients.

star natali brito12/30/2016

I am please with the services I received by Great Hill orthodontists. Dr Omar Salem and his team were great. I am very satisfied with how my teeth turned out.

star Stephanie Ideman11/9/2016

I have seen Dr.Salem for orthodontics and he is great! It is always a pleasant experience, and the staff are amazing and so nice. I always recommend the office to anyone I know for any dental or orthodontic work.

star Danise Louis7/19/2016

Long and overdue review. Back in May I had 6 teeth taken out and as scared I was, the care I received was wonderful. No pain what so ever. I was warned about the type of pain I would endure before and afterwards but the oral surgeon and his assistant took great care of me. Recently, I had a deep cleaning with Dr. Moshafar (not spelled correctly) and she gave me my smile back. Great practice, great service, and a group of great people. From the administrative standpoint and clinical too.

star Firas Ahmed2/12/2016

Dr. Irwin was excellent in performing the root canal repair. She explained every single step in details. I did not any pain or any discomfort during the procedure. Excellent by all means.

star Willie White3 months ago

Great family service at reasonable prices. Very helpful staff.

star Chris Andrews – 4 months ago

My experience with the Great Hill orthodontists was phenomenal!!! All staff are friendly and courteous. The staff all work together to ensure all bases are covered between ortho and regular dental hygiene. My new smile says it all! Dr. Salem and his staff are the best.

star Marcin von Grotthuss6 months ago

I high recommended this place!.

star Dan Goodman – a year ago

I recently had all four of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Wilkes. He did a terrific job removing all of them with ease, as well as making sure that everything was good on my end and that I was comfortable. The assistant (I can’t remember the name, probably due to nerves) also did a terrific job throughout the procedure. Later that night, he called to check in and to see how I was doing, as well as to remind me to keep ice on the areas that needed it. Great staff and great job!

star Ann Ebanks a year ago

I absolutely love this dental office!! By far the best experiences I’ve ever had as far as dentists go. I’ve had cleaning, surgery and orthodontic procedures done here with great results. Dr. Omar Salem and his dental hygienists (Kim) are fantastic for orthodontics. The facility is very modern and the staff is very friendly, caring and accommodating. I would highly recommend this dental practice to any one in the Boston area! It is very convenient and accessible as well.

starJames Falvoa year ago

I am a satisfied patient of both Dr. Hillel Besdin for general dentistry and Dr. Omar Salem for Invisalign orthodontic work. They strike just the right balance of professional and chummy, and more to the point they do excellent work. Very highly recommended!

starJohn DeVillarsa year ago

The team at Great Hill Dental in Roxbury is A++++. Hillel Besdin has been my thoughtful, good humored, and highly capable dentist for 20+ years and lately I have come to know, like and respect Dr. Hur, Lisa Daley, and Tricia Rossacci. They too are super. I am always greeted warmly and well cared for in every way by knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful, and highly professional individuals. I like them all a great deal and, while I would like to not have to visit quite as much as I have had to of late, I feel lucky to be so well served by Hillel, Lisa, Tricia, Dr. Hur, Hong, Julie and the entire team at Great Hill. They are the best in the business for sure. John DeVillars.

starvan michaela year ago

I loved this practice, my dentist was extremely caring and gave me excellent results. The office staff was extremely friendly and the office is very well kept. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone in the Boston area.

starDave Smythea year ago

I have never been someone who has enjoyed going to the dentist, but Great Hill Dental has officially changed my mind! My entire experience here was great. The new office is very comfortable and modern. The folks at the front desk were really friendly. My hygienist was right on time and she was gentle, and efficient. Dr. Pawlowski was very friendly and upbeat. I had been ignoring a cavity for the last year or so and Dr. Pawlowski explained exactly how he planned to fix it. No one likes novocaine shots but I truly couldn’t feel the injection – that’s a first. My cavity was fixed in no time and the filing blended perfectly with my teeth – I don’t even know it’s there. The folks at reception made sure everything was all set with my insurance covering my visit and helped me set up a cleaning 6 months down the road. I have definitely found my new dental provider in Boston and I would highly recommend Great Hill Dental to anyone who is new to the area or anyone looking to upgrade from their current dentist.

star CARSON GIBSONa year ago

Thank you for a great dental experience. Dr. Purman and Nicole were extremely professional. The staff was pleasant and attentive.

star Rick Hertzberg – a year ago

Friendly and courteous staff. Office is bright and cheery. Extremely modern.

star James Woodward – a year ago

I am a long-time patient of Dr. Pawlowski and followed him to Great Hill. Modern, clean offices and efficient staff make visits very pleasant.

star Rick Hertzberga year ago

Friendly and courteous staff. Office is bright and cheery. Extremely modern