“I can’t believe how straight my teeth are now! Thank’s Dr. Doe for helping me smile again!”

Treatment: Invisalign® Clear Braces, In Office Teeth Whitening

Goals: Align teeth and brighten smile

Meet Laura

Laura is an accountant for a local accounting firm. On a daily basis she is a rockstar. Not only does she manage hundreds of accounts, she also works with prospective customers and sells them on the merits of her firm.

Lately Laura has noticed her teeth crowding a bit more and is conscious about how her smile looks when she is chatting with prospective clients. Laura has decided to invest in Invisalign® to help her put her best face forward at work. She understands that smiling more will result in clients liking her more and knows this will help her make more money and advance her career.

Laura’s Dream Smile

During the complimentary consultation, Laura shared her dream smile with us. She wanted to re-align her crowded teeth and brighten up her smile. After discussing her treatment options, Laura decided to invest in Invisalign® clear braces and teeth whitening.

The Result

In under a year we were able to correctly align all of Laura’s teeth with Invisalign®. Her teeth are pearly white after the whitening too. Laura is so happy with her smile that she has referred her sister and best friend to us. Thanks Laura for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in you and your loved one’s lives!


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