“I stopped smiling after grinding my teeth down over the past few years. Thanks Dr. Doe for helping me regain my confidence and turn my life around.”

Treatment: Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

Goals: Restore her confidence by fixing the length, shape, colour and bite of her teeth.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a sales associate at a large financial firm and the proud mother of 3 girls. Somewhere in between crazy work weeks and non stop family activities she noticed that she had worn down her teeth from clenching and grinding at night.

Conscious of her ground down teeth, Sarah stopped smiling as much and lost her confidence in social settings. This affected both her personal and professional life. One day her friend told her about Dr. Doe and his smile makeover procedures.

Sarah’s Dream Smile

During the complimentary consultation, Sarah shared her dream smile with us. She wanted a rounder, more natural looking smile that didn’t look “fake”. Aside from shape, we discussed tooth length, translucency, alignment, spacing, and gum position.

The Result

The end result was truly amazing. Not only did we restore Sarah’s smile, we restored her confidence. We’re happy to report that Sarah is back to smiling regularly and has re-established her confidence and work. More importantly, she’s laughing and smiling with her kids.


Ready to change your life by changing your smile?
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