“I used to have crooked yellow teeth. When I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t happy with who was looking back. Dr. Doe helped me fix my smile, but more importantly, he helped me love myself.”

Treatment: Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

Goals: Restore his confidence by fixing the alignment and color of his teeth

Meet Tim


Tim is a high school teacher at Mallard Creek High School. When he’s not inspiring and educating our next generation, he’s spending time with his friends and family.

Overtime however, Tim has become increasingly interested in starting a family of his own, but hasn’t found the right girl yet. Tim has always been a bit shy when it comes to dating, as he is self conscious about the alignment and colour of his teeth.

Tims’s Dream Smile

During the complimentary consultation, Tim shared his dream smile with us. He wanted to re-align his crowded teeth and brighten up his smile. Aside from alignment and color, we discussed tooth length, translucency, spacing, and gum position.

The Result

The end result was truly amazing. Not only did we give Tim the smile of his dreams, we also helped him come out of his shell and be himself. Three months after the completion of his smile, Tim sent us a card letting us know that he has met the girl of his dreams. We all have our fingers crossed for Tim, hopefully she’s the one!


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